Start-up loan

The start-up loan is a favorable loan scheme offered by most municipalities. It is primarily intended for people struggling on the housing marked, whether it concerns buying a home or keeping it.

A start-up loan may help you buy your own home if you lack capital or sufficient financing from the private market. It can also be used for improvement of your current home or refinance your mortgage. A start-up loan can finance all or parts of the total costs. The size of the loan available to you depends, however, on how much you and your household can manage to pay in interest and installments alongside your everyday living expenses.

Start-up loans are offered by most municipalities in Norway. It is your municipality that decides whether you are eligible for a start-up loan, and how much you can borrow.

Who can get a start-up loan?

  • Economically disadvantaged households
  • Households with children
  • Sole breadwinner households with children
  • Households  with a person with a disability
  • Refugees*
  • Persons with residence permit on grounds of humanitarian considerations.

    *You can receive a start-up loan without being a Norwegian citizen.

What can a start-up loan be used for?

  • top financing or full financing when you are purchasing a home
  • top financing when you are building a new dwelling
  • refinancing, to help you to be able to remain resident in in your own dwelling
  • improvement of your dwelling

How do I apply for a start-up loan?

  • You apply for a start-up loan with the municipality where you live or want to buy a home.
  • You can apply either electronically (see link in the upper right hand column on this page (desktop) or under this article (mobile)) or on paper (the application form is available in Norwegian only, please contact Your municipality for assistance).
  • Municipalities recommend that you apply for advance approval before you start searching for a home to buy, so that you know in advance how much money you can spend on it.
  • Before applying for a start-up loan, you have to examine whether all or parts of the costs can be financed by a private bank.
  • When you have found a home you wish to buy, the application needs to include a recent valuation of the property.

Contact your municipality for further information and find out if a start-up loan is a possible solution for you.