Interest rates

Here is an overview of current interest rates. Please note that most municipalities add some 0,25 percentage points to our nominal interest rates to cover administration costs and losses on start-up loans.

Nominal interest rates July 2024*
Instal­ments 3 y fixed 5 y fixed 10 y fixed 20 y fixed Floating
Monthly 4,208% 4,054% 3,948% 4,237% 4,554%
Quarterly 4,223% 4,068% 3,961% 4,252% 4,571%
Biannually 4,245% 4,088% 3,980% 4,274% 4,597%

Deadline to choose the fixed interest rates for July is 24. June.

*The effective interest rate is normally 0,1 - 0,2 percentage points higher than the nominal interest rate, depending on the size of the loan and the payment scheme. However, the interest level can under no circumstances reach below zero.

At present, a start up fee of NOK 600 and a NOK 30 fee for each payment is included when the effective interest rate is calculated.

The interest rate on loans given on special conditions up to 1996 is at any given time 1 % lower than ordinary interest rates.

Risk assessment

Customers who apply for a loan in the Housing Bank must currently at least be able to pay up to 6,25 percent interest annually. Please note that this is only one of several criteria for the assessment of loan applications.