My account for personal accounts

In My account  you can keep up to date on your loan. In addition, you may also make certain changes in terms online.

Please note that the information given in My account  is available in Norwegian only.

Please also note that start-up loans and other loans financed by the Norwegian State Housing Bank, but administrated by local municipalities, are not included in our system. It is therefore not possible to obtain information about such loans in “My account”.

In My account you may obtain information about:

  • Balance on loans and grants
  • your last repayments
  • your repayment program
  • terms set for your loan such as interest rate, timeframe for fixed interest rate, any periods which might be exempt instalment, type of instalment, the date the loan/grant was disbursed and the final date of repayment.

You may also make certain changes and estimates:

  • Change due date and number of instalments per year (within limits)
  • print agreement concerning fixed interest rate (has to be signed and sent to Husbanken by ordinary mail)
  • update information about your postal address and email address
  • choose to receive a higher amount of information from the Norwegian State Housing Bank electronically.
  • simulate different options in terms for your loan
  • calculate ways of repaying your loan prior to set timeframe