What kind of housing can you get housing allowance for?

You can receive housing allowance for both rented and owned housing, but your residence must meet the requirements below.

The rooms in the residence must be approved for permanent occupancy

Your residence must be approved by the planning and building authorities in the municipality, and in general, the residence must be registered as a dwelling in the cadastre. The cadastre is the public property register.

Housing allowance is not provided for vacation homes, boarding houses, hospices, institutions, commercial properties, or other units that are not dwellings.

All living spaces in the residence must be approved for permanent occupancy. They must meet requirements for fire safety, escape routes, ceiling height, daylight, etc.

Here you can see what is registered in the cadastre. If there are incorrect details in the cadastre, the owner of the residence must contact the planning and building authorities in the municipality.

The residence must be independent and have its own entrance

Your residence must be physically separate from other residences in the building. You must have your own separate entrance to the residence. The entrance can be in common areas, such as a stairwell or a common corridor with an entrance door to each unit.

If you have to pass through other dwelling units, it is not an independent residence. There should be no form of internal connection between different dwelling units such as a door or staircase.

You must have your own bathroom and toilet

You must have a bathroom and toilet in your own unit. You cannot share a bathroom or toilet with others you do not live with.

You must be able to cook meals

You do not need to have a separate kitchen, but you must have a kitchenette, studio kitchen, or similar. It must be possible to prepare all meals at home, and you must have space to store food and opportunities for washing dishes.

You must have the opportunity to sleep and rest

You must have space for a bed and a seating area. There is no requirement to have a separate bedroom.