Housing allowance for private shared housing

If you are in a disadvantaged group, you can get housing allowance even if you live in private shared housing.

Disadvantaged groups are people who because of their health or social situation live in shared housing, such as refugees, those who cannot afford to rent their own home, those who need services provided with the housing and other similar groups.

The local municipality must approve the home as being suitable for sharing and confirm that the applicant’s unit is suitable for them. 

If you want to apply for housing allowance for shared housing, you must submit a paper application. Remember to complete both the main application form and the additional form for shared housing. 

You may NOT apply for housing allowance for shared housing if:

  • you live with a partner or some other close family member; in that case everyone in the household must be included in the application
  • you are a student without any children – in that case you are not entitled to housing allowance, even if you live in shared housing; there is an exception for students whose course is part of a publicly funded back-to-work programme