The Norwegian State Housing Bank has 310 employees and the managing director is Osmund Kaldheim.

1.line: Managing Director. National offices:  2. Line: Corporate Governance and Internal Control, 3. line Finance and Administration and Communication 4. line Loans and Grants, Municipalities and Markets, Digitalisation and Research and Analysis. Regional offices: Husbanken North Hammerfest, Husbanken North Bodø, Husbanken Mid-Norway, Husbanken west, Husbanken south, Husbanken east

Regional offices

The regional offices have the daily contact with our partners. Within a common framework, the six regional offices develop local solutions aimed at giving the greatest possible welfare gains. The regional offices are independent entities managed by a Regional Director.  

Husbanken North, Hammerfest
Troms and Finnmark

Husbanken North, Bodø

Husbanken Mid-Norway (Trondheim)
Møre and Romsdal and Trøndelag

Husbanken West (Bergen)
Rogaland and Vestland

Husbanken South (Drammen and Arendal)
Agder, Vestfold and Telemark

Husbanken East (Oslo)
Oslo, Viken og Innlandet