Mortgage to buy a home from a developer

Are you planning to buy a home from a developer who has had the home pre-approved by The Housing Bank? Learn more about how to apply for a loan. 

Fill in the application form and send it by Digipost to the Housing Bank (organization number 942 114 184). The application contains sensitive personal information, which is not encrypted when sending e-mail.

If you have reserved yourself for digital mail, you can send the application to the Housing Bank, Postboks 1404, 8002 Bodø.

Loan application:

Application for a loan for high-quality housing (PDF, Norwegian)

Application for release of funds

Application for release of funds for an approved loan/grant (PDF, Norwegian)

If you have been approved as a Housing Bank customer and then re-sell your right to the home, your loan from the Housing Bank will be cancelled. 

What is required to get a mortgage from the Housing Bank?

When you apply for a mortgage as an individual, you can request a loan to cover up to 85% of the cost of the project. You must cover the remaining 15% with your deposit. The Housing Bank assesses your ability to repay the loan by looking at how you would cope with a 5 percentage point rise in interest rate, in accordance with Section 3 of the Norwegian regulations on mortgages. In addition to that, it determines how much you can borrow based on your income, debt, household expenses, housing expenses and shared costs.