Students, school pupils and apprentices

Students, school pupils and apprentices who are entitled to a loan or grant from the State Educational Loan Fund are not entitled to housing allowance.

 However, you can still apply if the student/pupil

  • lives with children
  • is receiving disability benefits (uføretrygd), a work assessment allowance (AAP), introductory benefits (introduksjonsstønad), qualification benefits (kvalifiseringsstønad) or a training allowance (kursstønad)
  • started compulsory or upper secondary education in the year they turned 25 or later*
  • is participating in a back-to-work programme by agreement with NAV/their municipality

Parents who live with students/pupils can also apply for housing allowance. 

* This exception does not apply to pupils/apprentices with a statutory entitlement to an upper secondary education, even if the pupil/apprentice is over the age of 25. The statutory entitlement to an upper secondary education is valid until the year in which the pupil turns 24.

Students/pupils who don’t live in their family home

As a general rule, students/pupils who live away from home should not be included in the housing allowance application. If the student/pupil reports their change of address to the National Population Register, you can submit your application electronically after the move has been recorded. 

If the student still has ties to the family home, and therefore hasn’t notified the National Population Register of their move, you must submit a paper application. You must enclose information about which person in the household is a student/pupil living away from home and why he/she hasn’t notified their move. You must also document where the student/pupil lives. The documentation could be a rental contract from their school/college/university.

Get in touch with your local municipality if you have any questions about students.

How to apply for housing allowance