Have you received a refusal or reduced housing allowance for April?

The changes in your housing benefit may be due to the rates being changed from April. This means that many people have been refused or have less housing benefit for April.

Due to high electricity prices, the Storting adopted a temporary set of regulations for housing allowance from December 2021 to and including March 2024. During this period, the deductible was lower and the income limit higher. This led to more people receiving housing allowance and many receiving more than they would have otherwise received.

From April 2024, the normal rates apply again. This means a higher deductible and lower income limits. As a result, many have received a refusal or less housing allowance for April. Here you can see the current income limits. It is income before tax that is used in the calculation of housing allowance.

You cannot complain about the regulations or the rates for housing allowance. Husbanken cannot deviate from regulations laid down by the Storting, so a complaint on that basis will not proceed.

You can complain if you believe that incorrect information has been used in the calculation of housing allowance. Read more about complaints.