Changes in housing allowance from and including June

Many will experience less housing allowance or rejection in the decision for June. There can be several reasons for this.

You will receive a decision for June and any payment of housing allowance on 20 July. Here you can read about reasons why you can get a change in the decision, compared to previous months.

No extra electricity support June - September

The temporarily increased rates for calculating housing allowance apply throughout 2022. The lump sum that was given in addition to housing allowance from January to May will not be paid in the period June - September. There will be a new period with extra support for electricity from October to December.

If you receive a rejection of your housing allowance application in the period June - September, you do not need to apply again. Your application will be continued until October, when the new period of electricity support will start. You must remember to report any changes during the period. If you want to delete your application, you can do so in My housing allowance or notify the municipality in writing.

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Higher income after the social security settlement

If you receive a pension or social security, you received a post-payment in June as a result of the social security settlement in May. This means that you get a higher income in June. Higher income means that you get a higher personal contribution and lower housing allowance.

Vacation money

Holiday pay is taxable income in line with salary, pension and other. Holiday pay is included as income in the month they are paid. If you received holiday pay in June, you have a higher income in June and this means that you get a higher personal contribution. You can find more information about holiday pay at or

Adjusted rates

From June, the usual rates have been adjusted upwards to take account of inflation in the last year.