Apply for a start-up loan with a guardian or an assistant

If you cannot get an electronic ID, someone else can apply for you. An assistant or guardian can contact the municipality and gain access to apply for you electronically. Here's what you need to do.

To apply for start-up loans and grants, you must have a secure electronic ID, either BankID, Buypass or Commfides.

If you are unable to obtain an electronic ID, you can authorize a guardian or assistant who can log in and apply for you.

The helper or guardian must have an electronic ID.

How to get BankID (

How to get Buypass (

How to get Commfides (

How you proceed as a guardian or assistant

You must contact the municipality where the property that you want financing for is located.

In some municipalities you must contact NAV, while in others you should speak to the municipality’s general reception, housing department, property department or some other related department.

If the person you are applying on behalf of has a registered address in Oslo, and the property is in the City of Oslo, contact the borough where the applicant lives. You can find information about the boroughs on the City of Oslo website.

If the person you are applying on behalf of does not have a registered address in Oslo, but the property is in Oslo, contact the borough indicated by the City of Oslo. You can find the right borough here

  • If you are a legal guardian, you must present your proof of guardianship (vergemål) and a valid ID to the municipality.
  • If you are helping someone without electronic ID, you must both present valid ID.

The person responsible for your case will check your ID and take a copy of it. They will also provide an authorisation that must be signed by the applicant. By signing the authorisation, the applicant allows the assistant to apply for a start-up loan and grants on his/her behalf.

If there are no issues, the person responsible for your case will enable the guardian or assistant to apply.

Anyone who has BankID, Buypass og Commfides can act as an assistant. The assistant will get access to the following information about the applicant:

  • National Population Register (name, address, marital status and children)
  • Contact Register (contact details)
  • Altinn (wealth, debts and tax assessments)
  • State Register of Employers and Employees (current employment status)
  • Housing Bank (housing allowance)
  • Mapping Authority (property information)

It is important for the applicant to trust the assistant who has access to his og hers personal information. The assistant could, for example, be a close friend, a neighbour or a family member.

  1. Log in using your own electronic ID.
  2. Remember to say that you are applying on behalf of the person you are the guardian/assistant of.
  3. You must complete and submit the application within 30 days. After that, you are no longer entitled to apply on behalf of the applicant. 

What happens to the application?

After the application has been sent to the municipality, you can no longer log in to view the application, add documentation or send and receive messages. 
If you are a guardian, the person responsible for the case will send you a copy of the application in the post. Subsequent communication will also take place by post. 
If the person you are the guardian of has BankID, he/she can log in and view the application, enclosures and all communication recorded in relation to the case. 

If you are an assistant, a copy of the application will be sent in the post to the applicant. The applicant must go to the municipality’s offices to sign the application in front of the person responsible for the case. The municipality will only contact the applicant, which it will do by post.