Data protection

Anyone who is given access to information about you has a duty of confidentiality.

We collect personal information about you

The Housing Bank needs a lot of information to process your application.
We therefore collect information from sources including:

  • The National Registry address and household members
  • Norwegian Tax Administration: income, wealth, tax assessment value of your home and basic allowance
  • NAV: benefit and amount
  • The Housing Bank: mortgages
  • Municipality: rent in some municipalities
  • Norwegian Mapping Authority: information about your home in the cadastre (Norwegian Mapping Authority)
  • The National Contact and Reservation Register (DIFI): mobile number, email address, language and any reservations

We collect information each month.


We save, check and use information

The Housing Bank stores, checks and uses information about you, including confidential information. This applies to both information provided by you in your application and information obtained by us from other sources. Your information will continue to be saved after you cease to be a client, in accordance with the Norwegian Archives Act.

Retrospective validation of application

In order to ensure that the household has received a rightful housing allowance, we may also collect information after your application has been processed. We may then collect information from Statens Lånekasse, private lenders/banks, landlord, housing association, co-ownerships and mail provider, among others. The Housing Bank can demand that you repay some of your housing allowances if it turns out that you have received too much.

Disclose information

You should be aware that the Housing Bank can use information about you in statistics, reporting and research.

In conjunction with research projects, information may be provided and linked to information in other public records.

Information about how much housing allowances you receive may be passed on to other authorities such as your local municipality, NAV, Statistics Norway and the Norwegian Tax Administration, even though housing allowances is not taxable.


More information

The Housing Allowance Act entitles the Norwegian State Housing Bank to collect information. If you have any questions regarding how we treat personal information, an overview of all information we collect and a list of research projects receiving data from the Norwegian State housing allowance, can be found at

If you wish to talk to someone about housing allowance, please contact the housing allowances office in your municipality. If you have any privacy concerns, please contact the Norwegian State Housing Bank. You can find out more about data protection here.


We will inform the persons in your household aged 18 or more

We will notify other persons in the household aged 18 or more that we collect their personal data.



You may demand access to the personal data that the municipality and the Housing Bank have collected about you, and that we correct any errors.