Provision of social housing in the municipality of Fjell

This is an evaluation of needs and challenges for social housing in a municipality in the Western part of Norway.

This evaluation is intended as a brief for forthcoming strategic choices which the municipality of Fjell will be taking in drawing up the Sub-Municipal Housing Development Plan 2013–2020 (Kommunedelplan for bustadutvikling 2013-2020), especially the sections on social housing needs and challenges. The plan will enumerate for the municipality the objectives, strategies and measures related to two main themes.

− Development of Fjell as an attractive residential municipality
− Social housing needs and challenges

Of particular needs in the field of social housing, the plan also addresses the following two sub-themes.

− Housing for disadvantaged persons and groups with special needs
− How social housing is organised and mechanisms implemented

In this evaluation of the work in Fjell to provide social housing, we look at the various parties’ responsibilities and roles. The provision of social housing is the responsibility of the respective departments of health, care and welfare, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation (NAV) and Fjell Housing Foundation.

This evaluation shall provide a brief to inform the strategic choices facing the municipality in its drafting of the Housing Plan, particularly the sections devoted to social housing needs and challenges. Against this background, we discuss:

− The organisation of social housing provision in Fjell today, the stakeholders involved and the tasks, responsibilities and tools they have at their disposition
− How the municipality utilises the available mechanisms in its work to provide social housing, including the housing stock, economic subsidies, respite care and services connected with social housing

The evaluation will also:

− Provide a recommendation on future housing needs and suggest how Fjell can exploit the resources within the organisation and incentives to ensure the best possible response to clients’ needs
− Provide an overall analysis of the opportunities and challenges arising from regional cooperation and the
Coordination Reform as far as they affect social housing provision in the municipality

NIBR Report: 2012:12
The report is written by Arne Holm and Hild Marte Bjørnsen.

Extended summary of the report in English

The whole report “Boligsosialt arbeid i Fjell kommune”