Organization and planning of social housing in the norwegian municipal sector

Four case studies. NOVA Report 2011:5

The social housing field can be characterized as fragmented. Firstly, the responsibility for different elements of social housing policy is often divided across multiple administrative units. Secondly, the social housing measures include a wide range of services geared towards diverse user groups. For instance, services like municipal housing, state and municipal housing allowance, housing grants and mortgages and in-kind housing services are accessible for the elderly, homeless people, disadvantaged households and refugee households, who have different needs in terms of housing. Social housing measures are therefore difficult to isolate from each other – they inevitably interact with many other initiatives.

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Organization and planning of social housing in Norwegian communes
Four case studies

Hans Christian Sandlie, Åsmund Langsether, Jardar Sørvoll, Anna Skårberg and Thorbjørn Hansen


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