International work

The Housing Bank is the institution in Norway with the broadest international expertise on settlement issues.

The Norwegian State Housing Bank has a special role to play with regard to creating a good collaboration environment in which experiences from research and interest from the private and public sector are brought together. This is also the case in our international work.

Our particular emphasis is placed on what’s happening in the EU and in neighbouring countries. In Nordkalotten the regional office in Hammerfest has created an effective collaboration with municipalities in Russia that is producing results within the social housing area.

UN-Habitat and the World Urban Forum
We also work on a more global level, mainly in connection with the UN-Habitat, where we, in coopteration with the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development (KRD), other ministries and other public and private institutions represent Norway at the World Urban Forum (WUF).

WUF is a biennial gathering that is attended by a wide range of partners, from non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, urban professionals, academics, to governments, local authorities and national and international associations of local governments. It provides a common platform to discuss urban issues, exchange  experiences and come up with action-oriented proposals to create more sustainable cities. The working arrangements of the Forum are kept simple and relatively informal to promote active participation, creative and inclusive debates and dialogues on urban issues.