Building design

The Norwegian State Housing Bank (NSHB) is responsible for promoting good building design for all. This is an important factor in urban redevelopment.

Good building design can be applied both to what is to be built and already existing buildings. It's not only about the actual buildings, but also public spaces, squares and other factors which make up a certain area. It is also not just about creating beautiful places. The NHSB gives the following definition of good building design:

"Good building design is a way in which the built environment contributes to a good physical and social living environment and where good use of energy and resources, universal design and aesthetics all combine to create a whole."

Building design is linked to tradition, whereas good building design adds something new to a place and helps to develop tradition. The NSHB has a training program within building design. In addition we have created a leaflet for municipalities to use. Many municipalities have also developed their own leaflets. We want to contribute to more good building design by sharing useful information and knowledge

The Norwegian Award for building design  is another way of promoting good building design. This prize can be given to individuals and corporations both in the public and private sector who have in some way contributed to the upholding of these principles. The Norwegian State Housing Bank is the secretariat for the jury. Several municipalities also have their own, local awards for good practice in housing design.