"Living" - a web-based learning program

"Living" is a web-based information module in seven languages (Norwegian, English, Urdu, Arabic, Farsi, Somali and Russian) covering various topics related to living in Norway.

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(Å bo)

For newcomers to Norway, finding housing is vital in order to settle in a new country. Poor Norwegian language skills and a lack of insight into living in Norway can lead to many being poorly equipped to find their first home. By navigating their way around, users can see how Pierre and his three friends find information and identify different roles in the housing market. As they do so, they find explanations to terms such as survey report, TV licence and deposit.

The module combines video, text and images, and offers users the chance to listen to explanations in their native language. The languages used are Norwegian, English, Urdu, Arabic, Farsi, Somali and Russian. “Living” covers topics and problems such as whether to buy or rent. What are the conditions of taking out a mortgage with a bank? How can the Housing Bank help?

Migranorsk AS made the film series and compiled the text in collaboration with the Housing Bank. The sequences are also used as part of the language training programme at 120 educational institutions. The project is part of the focus by the Housing Bank on spreading knowledge of the housing market to new groups of the population.

System requirements
PC with a sound card and speakers / head phones
Internet access with sufficient capacity to download the content
Internet Explorer
Windows Media Player version 10.0 for playback of sound and video

How to use the program
At the bottom of each page in the course you will see seven flags. Click on a flag to hear the text in your chosen language.
On some pages there is a video as well as text. Click on a flag to hear about the contents of the video.  Click “play” to watch the video (in Norwegian). With the arrows at the bottom of the pages you can leaf back and forth through the pages of the course.