Housing allowance, loans and grants

If you have trouble paying your rent or financing the purchase of a home, you may be eligible for housing allowance or a start-up loan from your municipality. The Norwegian State Housing Bank also finances building of new homes and reconstruction projects.

Housing allowance
The housing allowance scheme is a government financed support scheme for partial coverage of housing expenses for households with low incomes.

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Start-up loan
The start-up loan is a favourable loan scheme offered by most municipalities, primarily intended for first-home buyers and households with special needs.

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Housing grant
Particularly disadvantaged households might be given a housing grant from the municipality to obtain and maintain acceptable homes.

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Basic loan
If you are planning to build or reconstruct your own home in accordance with modern standards of universal design and low energy consumption, you may finance your project on favourable terms with our basic loan.

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Interest rates
Housing Bank interest rates are set in accordance with, and follow the fluctuations of, interest rates in the money market. Experience shows that on average, our interest rates are 0,5-1,0 percantage points below normal market rates.

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Please note that most municipalities add an extra 0,25-0,5 percentage points to the Norwegian State Housing Bank's nominal interest rates to cover administration costs and potential losses on start-up loans.