Contact the Norwegian State Housing Bank's offices in Drammen

The managing director, the national offices and one of the Region office south's two offices is located here.

The national offices

The Norwegian State Housing Bank's headquarter is located in the city of Drammen. 

Postal address: HusbankenPostboks 1404, 8002 Bodø
Visiting address: Grønland 53, Drammen (view map)
Tel: 22 96 16 00
Managing director Osmund Kaldheim
Director of Corporate Governance Vibeke Warholm
Director of Internal Control Erik Sjøblom
Director of Finance and Administration Andree Grundstad Meby
Director of Communication
Else Merete Guntveit 
Director of Loans and Grants  Rune Robertsen
Director of Municipalities and Markets  Per Olaf Skogshagen
Director of Digitalisation Anders Jørgensen
Director of Research and Analysis Marcus Zackrisson