Basic loan

Our basic loan scheme includes loans for construction of new homes, renewal and reconstruction of existing ones.

The Norwegian State Housing Banks basic loan scheme aims at promoting universal design and environmentally sustainable solutions in new and existing dwellings. It is also designed to provide financing for rural districts where it is difficult to obtain mortgages at normal rates. Municipalities and landlords providing social rental housing may also use the basic loan scheme to finance their projects.

In issuing loans, it is important for the Housing Bank to promote environmental concerns, paying attention to sustainability within the home, housing quality, design and energy efficiency. Increased attention is also given to ensuring physical accessibility and promoting universal design Costs related to universal can be installation of lift and access modifications. Higher space requirements can also raise project costs.

Basic loans are first priority mortgages in which the amount of the loan is based on the local housing market and the particular public goals attached to the individual project.  

Most of the basic loans are given to professional actors in the home construction industry. Individual households building their own home may also apply for the basic loan. Contact your regional office for further and how to apply.